't Klokhuis is a Dutch Language and Culture school; meaning extra curricular classes after their regulare classes. This means classes are mostly held after school hours execpt for toddlers who have morning classes.

Most students live in the area of the location but some parents travel long in order to have their children come to Dutch class. We teach students from 2½ up to 18 year old, and also adults.

- peuters - toddlers (2½-3 year olds)
- kleuters - group 1 (4 year olds)
- peuters/kleuters combi
- group 3, divided in 3A (kindergarten) and 3B (1st grade)
- group 4 t/m 8 (2nd grade - 6th grade)
- Oranges: group Dutch as Second Language
- 1 - 5 middelbaar (7th- 11th grade)
- adults

Students are usually placed in the group where they belong in the Dutch/Flemish system. Students with different background can be placed in different groups. We select first to ability and then by age.

Groups usually are not bigger than 15 students. Depending on the group, we either split the group or have an assistant in the class. 

Our students come from different families but are mostly Dutch or Flemish. About a third of our students have a parent with a different nationality.

Our team

Every teacher fall under a coordinator. Our coordinators are responsible for the lesson plans and make sure that all teachers follow the exact curriculum and take care of the teachers regarding testing etc.

Our coordinators are mentioned and introduced on our website, as well as our teachers.