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wereldwijd kwaliteit

Dutch Language Classes in class or online
with Dutch and Belgian Culture  NOB  ocw


We expect parents to be part of the development of the students within 't Klokhuis. We will make sure parents get as much information as possible; through the website, email or monthly newsletters. If there are any concerns, we will meet with the parents and discuss their concerns. 

We value the opions of the parents and we are always prepared to sit down and talk over any concerns parents might have. It is important for parents to know that we cannot do this task alone and need the support at home in order to succeed. The amount of keeping Dutch at home as spoken language e.g. makes a big difference in the understanding of the language of their children. By listening to both parties we make sure we get to the best results. We trust the parents to do everything possible to make this learning experience in the best possbile way.

Information to parents

Parents can always initiate a meeting with the teacher of director. When the teacher feels the need to inform parents about certain concerns, they will initiate a meeting with the parents as well.

The website is a good place for extra information. Monthly newletters keep parents up to date about everything going on within the school e.g. days off, special cultural days etc. Since 2012 't Klokhuis has her own facebook page. This way parents can take a look 'inside' the classroom.


't Klokhuis has all necessary insurances in place.