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wereldwijd kwaliteit

Dutch Language Classes in class or online
with Dutch and Belgian Culture  NOB  ocw

School Regulations


If a student due to illness or other compelling reasons can not be present, he/she must be signed out. Please call or email directly the appropriate teacher or directors: phone 908-626-0608 or otherwise Loura at cell 908-432-5830. We will contact the parents of any unreported absent pupils.

For the time that the student is not at school extra work can always be requested by parents, and homework is always available via the website to download.

Snacks - 't Klokhuis is NUT free!!!

Snacks and drinks are NOT provided. The students bring themselves a snack and a drink with . Please try to give your child a healthy snack. Please be aware of any allergies in the group. We have some students with life-threatening nut allergy!

We encourage parents to provide a change of clothing for toddlers in the event of any minor accidents.

Birthdays and other festive family events

Do you want your child to take something special as a snack to school? We welcome any snacks brought to celebrate pupil's birthdays along with any other family festivities.

Please note that 't Klokhuis is not liable for the loss of personal belongings, therefore please do not leave valuables in your child's care.