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wereldwijd kwaliteit

Dutch Language Classes in class or online
with Dutch and Belgian Culture  NOB  ocw

The team

Who's on our team?

There is an annual changing of the guard in the 't Klokhuis team. Team members come and go. Fortunately, we have a permanent core of enthusiastic teachers who put their shoulders to the wheel and provide your children with a safe, fun and above all educational school year. Read more about each teacher under the 'Our Team' menu tab on this website.

Teacher training

All coordinators and the large majority of teachers have full competence and extensive experience in teaching. In addition, they are continuously informed of new developments in the Netherlands. Our teachers and teaching assistants have a great affinity with education and have experience with groups of children. The coordinators direct the team members with fully developed lesson plans especially intended for NTC education, offer help with every question a team member has and ensure the quality of lesson content.

A regional meeting is organized annually in a weekend in October and takes place alternately at 't Klokhuis or at the Dutch school in Washington. Team members are encouraged to attend these regional meetings to further develop their skills. Various team members also attend the annual refresher training that is organized by the Netherlands Education Abroad Foundation in July in the Netherlands. This 2.5-day refresher course not only covers interesting topics for team members to learn more about, but exchanging experiences with team members from other schools abroad is also an important source of knowledge. The Foundation for Dutch Education Abroad also organizes webinars during the school year for team members to register for and follow. During our team meetings, one of our experienced teachers gives a workshop so that the team continues to deepen and gain knowledge.

Replacement teachers

It is always possible that a teacher cannot be present at one time. We have permanent substitutes who are familiar with 't Klokhuis and with the methods and the students.